Lighting Control

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Lighting Control

Control all lighting fixtures from any keypad, touchscreen remote or computer in your home. With one press of a button, easily set scenes involving multiple lighting zones at preferred dimming levels, saving energy and enhancing safety at the same time.

Lighting control adds unparalleled convenience to your lighting needs, improves security and helps you to save energy. Start by planning control locations throughout your home for activating lights nearby. You can control any light from any location, too. This is possible because all of the lighting keypads are interconnected, and the keypads themselves can incorporate multiple buttons that are custom labelled and easy to read. Programming changes can be made easily, anytime if required. Lighting control can add security and safety in various ways. To increase safety at night, for example, a single button in your bedroom can turn on a path of lights to the bathroom or kitchen. A controller on your car visor can turn on your porch lights along with a path of lights inside your home so you won't have to stumble in the dark. How about turning off all lights in your home a few seconds after setting the alarm on? Almost anything you can imagine is possible. With lighting control, you save energy automatically. Program lights to turn on below maximum intensity. Turning them on at 80% maximum can save you 20% more energy, yet the difference in room brightness is barely noticeable. Schedule lights to automatically turn off after going to bed. If you're not sure if you turned off lights after leaving your home, advanced lighting system can allow you to fully control and monitor your lighting system from anywhere in the world using a web browser or an iPhone application.

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