What happens during installation?

Author: Mock Webware |

Installation, from start to finish, can range from a few hours to a few days depending on the size of your system. If yours is a new construction or major renovation project, it's best to start final installation after walls are painted as most electronic devices are sensitive to construction dust and dirt. We also want to reduce the possibility of equipment being damaged accidentally by workers. Some procedures, such as preparing wires or installing flush-mounted in-wall/ceiling speakers, can be performed earlier.

We take special care in making sure we prevent damage to walls, floors, furniture and cabinetry while delivering and placing equipment in your home. Drop cloths are used extensively and protective tapes are applied to surface corners that are easily scratched. Shoes are never worn inside the house. We are fully insured up to $2 million should any damage to your property occur.

For the most part, clients are not required to stay during an installation. However, we may need your advice on equipment placement or may ask for your input regarding favourite music or TV channel buttons that are to be programmed into custom remotes and controllers.

After completing the system installation, we are happy to provide full one-on-one operation tutorials. Since our user interfaces are designed for intuitive use, most lessons are brief if required at all. We fully understand that even the best installations can take some time to get used to, so we welcome calls for advice or technical support after completion. We can make as many visits back as necessary to make adjustments until the system is perfect and easy for you to use. Any defects in workmanship or design are warrantied for a minimum of one year.

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