What is the cost of a system and installation?

Author: Mock Webware |

All systems are custom designed to suit your unique requirements and lifestyle, therefore prices can vary widely. Purchasing a system is like buying a car. Are you looking into buying a Ferrari or a Lexus? It is important for us to determine your goals or expectations before we can provide the right recommendations.

Pricing is affected by the complexity of an installation. It is reasonable to be able to estimate costs with a new construction project or in an environment where there are minimal obstructions. In these circumstances we can provide our Guaranteed Estimate. This estimate presents a dollar figure that we guarantee not to exceed after total time and material are calculated. If actual material and labour costs (based on a rate of $70/hr) happen to be less than estimated, you are entitled to be billed the actual amount.

Most retrofit projects are unpredictable and difficult to estimate. Therefore, they are generally subject to time and material billing based on a rate of $70/hr plus the cost of material and equipment.

We try our best to be competitive with equipment pricing and are willing to match competitors in most circumstances.

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