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I will be clear: I love music. I would say I love music more than anyone I have ever met. So when I was undertaking the task to equip my chalet to satisfy that love, it was something I took very seriously. Home Digital was the perfect business to turn my dream into a reality. They did the following:
Select hardware that was appropriate for the task. If I was spending too much, they told me; if I wasn’t spending enough, they told me that, too. They were open to helping me implement great AV solutions from their experience as well as new technology that I had used in other places. They were able to deliver all aspects of the job – from pre-wire to the final sound checks — on or ahead of schedule. They had excellent access to great hardware brands. Their work on site was fastidiously neat. As a System/IT professional, I can attest to the fact their wiring and communications cabinet work was superb, and almost a pleasure to look at! Their follow up and support has been excellent. When I had problems, they came and fixed them.

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