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In 2007 we moved into a new condominium in Collingwood Ontario. We wanted a state of the art sound system installed in order to compliment some of the sound equipment that had been installed by the developer. In the course of conversations with one of my neighbours who had a similar unit to ours I learned that he had used Tristan Leynes to do his installation. We subsequently called Tristan and told him what we wanted and roughly how much we were prepared to invest. We found that Tristan was extremely knowledgeable about the products that were on the market and how they could be installed to help us meet our objectives. He selected excellent equipment. He looked after purchasing it from a number of suppliers and he put it all together in a complete package. We found his work at all times to be first rate. Tristan is professional. He comes when he promises and he does not waste time when he is on the job. One of the things I most like is that, on his own, he phones to check if everything is working to our satisfaction and always inquires if there is anything he can do to help us understand and fully use the functionality of the equipment he has installed. If you are looking to install a total sound system for your house I can’t think of anyone who will do a better job. We are totally satisfied with all the work he has done for us.

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